Antigenia for humans

The Antigenia Company was born from years of research and experience on food intolerances.

Dr. Carla Marzetti, head of the Company , using methodologies and antigens of the food intolerance industry, realized that it was difficult to correlate the patients’ illnesses and the appropriate alimentary test.

There was, thus, the need to find a producer who could provide the right foundation for a truthful and careful analysis.

In England Dr. Marzetti knew Dr. Eaton, who turned out to be the only manufacturer able to produce the “food extracts” directly from food. Later, Dr. Eaton left his methodology  to Dr. Carla Marzetti  and ANTIGENIA COMPANY was born. The unconditional leader in the field of food intolerance, ANTIGENIA COMPANY is able to produce “food extracts” and combines in its name the words of  quality and competence.

And if it’s only food intolerance?

And if it’s only food intolerance?
Thanks to extensive research carried out over the years, it was noticed that there is a correlation between the number of pathological conditions (headaches, metabolic and gastrointestinal problems, fluid retention, fatigue, skin diseases) and diet, this correlation can be byword of food intolerance.

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The leucocyte-toxic test

Analysis of food intolerance using leucocyte-toxic test: what is it?

This test was developed by Bryan in the forties and then expanded in Europe (England and Italy) in the late eighties. Its aim is to detect, in vitro, the cytotoxic action of certain foods against the neutrophil granulocytes of the patients . The method allows to analyze the morphological  reaction of these leucocytes in contact with  specific “food extracts”.

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