Pets and Food intolerance

Antigenia for pets was born from the experience of 4 years of research and collaboration with veterinary laboratories. It was discovered that the majority of diseases in animals are linked to food intolerances.

It was observed that many foods for veterinary use are related to foods of industrial derivation, and, therefore, are rich in additives and preservatives and depend on the manufacturing process of the raw material. Consequently the food extracts for veterinary use are different from the food extracts for human use.

In the beginning, the food extracts were tested on animals to prove false positive and false negative.

From the promising results obtained it was possible to proceed with the development of panels reflecting the diet of our animals.

In the foods we give to animals every day there are often components that may determine the onset of food intolerance. Food intolerance is defined as a syndrome linked to the intake of particular foods and has a tendency to decrease or to disappear when those kinds of foods are removed from the diet for some time.