And if it’s only food intolerance?

And if it’s only food intolerance?
Thanks to extensive research carried out over the years, it was noticed that there is a correlation between the number of pathological conditions (headaches, metabolic and gastrointestinal problems, fluid retention, fatigue, skin diseases) and diet, this correlation can be byword of food intolerance.



Food intolerance refers to an adverse reaction that the body carries out against certain foods recognized as harmful.

Reactions caused by food intolerance involving the immune system have not been demonstrated yet. It was, rather, suggested an involvement of the inflammatory system, whose protagonists are the neutrophil granulocytes.

Antigenia is a producer of diagnostic kit for food intolerance through the leucocito-toxic test.




>>Standard panels


  • Kit 60 Food Code 0001
  • Kit 90 Food Code 0002
  • Kit Additives Code 0005
  • Kit Dyes Cod.0007


>>Special panels


  • Kit Moulds Code 000
  • Kit Drugs Cod 0008
  • Sugars and sugar substitutes Kit Code 0021



>>Panels on demand


  • Kit 108  food code. 0001 +0003
  • Kit 120 food code. 0012 +0003


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